Nautically Yours: How To Make Your Bridal Attire Seaworthy For A Wedding At Sea

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For many romantics, a wedding ceremony at sea is the ultimate bridal fantasy. Successfully pulling off a nautical wedding is actually more complicated than it might initially appear, however. Before the big day, you will certainly busy yourself with the legal issues, the too-far-away guest dilemma, and reservation deadlines. With all of the extra details accompanying a wedding at sea, you may find yourself forgetting to nautically adjust one of the most important aspects of your wedding: your bridal gown!

You may wonder why you need to adjust your attire just because you plan to walk down the aisle on a boat. Isn't a wedding still a wedding, regardless if on land or sea? Technically, yes. But there are some things about a nautical wedding that differ from a land wedding, and these little details can interfere with your big day. 

  • Adjust for the temperature. The air temperature at sea is nearly always cooler than the air temperature at shore, and the breeze is also more noticeable. Sleeveless dresses and flowy gowns can leave you shivering, or worse still, constantly grasping at the fabric in an effort to keep the wind from giving your guests an inappropriate show. Bring a light jacket, and opt for a dress without high slits. 
  • Remember, you are still at sea. Unless you have been sailing or yachting before, you probably don't know that the whole ordeal is actually a very wet one. Even large boats are no match for the feistiest of waves. Wetness is just an inherent part of boating (and the wedding taking place on the boat!). Get some sturdy shoes so that you are not only prepared for a slippery deck, but also sturdy on your feet when the waves begin to rock--or the champagne makes you unsteady.
  • Look out for the pufferfish. If your wedding ceremony is at sea, then a nautically-inspired menu only makes sense. Seafood can be really healthy, but it can also be a sneaky sodium time bomb that  can sabotage the confidence you once felt in your dress. For example, four large shrimps can easily stuff you with over 200 milligrams of sodium--and that's when grilled! Tack on some fancy sauces and other prepared salty seafood, and your body can retain up to five pounds of water. Get a dress that is ever so slightly more forgiving, so that you can actually enjoy the salty goodness on your wedding day without feeling self-conscious.

If you have already purchased your wedding dress and all of the accessories, you need only make a few adjustments to make your dream gown seaworthy. If you have not yet found that perfect wedding day dress, keep these tips in mind as you shop. Work with a company like Bridal Elegance to find the perfect gown.

Remember to also alert your bridesmaids, maid of honor, mother, and other female guests to these considerations, as well. A wedding at sea is classically romantic, but you can enjoy your big day even more by first respecting that sea. 


26 October 2015

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